Digilit Leicester Project

As part of Leicester City Council’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Programme ICT strand, framework lead Lucy Atkins (Digital Literacy Research Associate) and Josie Fraser (ICT Strategy Lead, Children’s Capital) have been working on the Digilit Leicester project, in partnership with De Montfort University, and supported by Richard Hall (Head of DMU’s Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT)).

The BSF Programme is making a huge investment in technology for our school communities – in infrastructure, connectivity, systems and equipment.

To make sure we get the most out of this opportunity, we are focusing on supporting staff in their use of technologies to enhance learning, and schools in their use of technology to support and connect their communities.

The Digilit Leicester survey focuses on what digital literacy means in practice for secondary schools – that is, what digital literacy looks like in the classroom in terms of staff skills and confidence, and how it supports young people as learners.

Our school staff do a fantastic job – and the Digilit Leicester project seeks to ensure they have access to information about engaging and innovative approaches to using technologies.

This is a world first – a city wide digital literacy survey of school staff.

The survey forms an important part of our wider programme of activities and work with schools. It will help us promote and share our strengths – the excellent practice going on across our schools.

We want to thank all of the schools and school staff who are taking part in the survey and contributing to the Digilit Leicester project, and we look forward to feeding back on the city-wide results in the new academic year.
We will also be sharing the framework and resources as Open Educational Resources to support other schools.

To find out more, visit the project website at: www.digilitleic.com