Staff Digital Literacy Resources – call for recommendations

The DigiLit LeicDigiLit logoester project is collecting resources to share with and support school staff in developing their practice in relation to key digital literacy areas – and we very much want your help!

We are collecting recommended resources that provide useful information or practical support for school staff in each of the schools’ digital literacy framework areas (no selling products/sales pitches thanks!). If you have found a great resource in one of these areas, please do share your recommendation with us.

We are looking to collect a selection of best available resources to share via our project website and create a downloadable document for school staff to take away.  The areas we are focusing on are:

Clicking the link takes you to the project recommendation page for that area, where you can add your suggestion via the comments box.

Please include enough information about your recommendation to make it useful! The kind of things it would be useful to know are:

  • The name of the resource/blog post/article/report

  • A brief description of what the resource is about, so others can see quickly if it might be of interest to them (why are you recommending this link? How is it useful?)

  • A link to the resource

  • The name of the individual or organisation who created/provided the resource

  • The year the resource was published (some information, for example walkthroughs, can date very quickly!)

  • Your credit – if you like, please do leave your name and your Twitter name (your organisation/city/country can also be added if you like)

  • If at all possible – please indicate if you think this resource is most useful for those at beginner, intermediate or advanced level in relation to the topic (i.e. do you need to already have some confidence/skill/knowledge in this area to understand and make best use of the resource?)

The DigiLit Leicester Project supports and focuses on staff working in the UK with learners aged 11-18 in mainstream, SEN and specialist provision schools. We welcome contributions from all over the world, and for those working with younger learners.

Many thanks for supporting and being part of the project!

About Josie Fraser

UK-based Social and Educational Technologist, currently working for Leicester City Council (Local Government) as ICT Strategy Lead (Children's Capital). I support schools across the city in making effective and innovative use of technology to support learning, teaching and whole school development.
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