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The team recently held an e-Safety event focusing on the E-Safety and Online Identity strand, providing an opportunity for Pioneer level staff to network with others from across the city, and to hear from Will Gardner and Gareth Cort from Childnet International – who provided a briefing on the latest e-safety issues, research and resources.

The E-Safety and Online Identity strand came out as the strongest area for the city. Staff who participated in the survey scored their skills and confidence highest in E-Safety and Online Identity practices (with 43% of participants rating their confidence at the highest level – Pioneer).

The session was attended by a group of Pioneers representing eight of the BSF schools: Babington Community College, The City of Leicester College, English Martyrs’ Catholic School, Keyham Lodge School, The Lancaster School, Nether Hall School and New College Leicester.

The event began with a brief summary of the DigiLit Leicester 2013 Survey results. Attendees then shared their current practice, and e-safety approaches and activities taking place within Leicester’s secondary schools, across in four areas:

  • Discussion, definition and prevention -how communities are developing a shared understanding of e-safety and cyberbullying issues and the range of prevention activities being carried out
  • Reporting – what schools are doing to encourage young people to report incidents, and the different routes to reporting they are offering
  • Responding – what schools do to ensure that response to incidences is timely, effective, consistent and proportionate
  • Modelling positive practice – how staff and schools are ensuring pupils see and experience the positive, constructive and creative use of technology to support learning

After small group discussion, attendees shared their ‘practice highlights’ with the room. These included:

  • Students as ‘cyber mentors’ for other learners to confidentially report to
  • Modelling responsive practice with SEN learners by demonstrating how to ‘stop’ what they are doing and ‘tell’  a teacher when inappropriate content is encountered
  • Improving responses to issues through staff sharing current trends that are being highlighted by learners
  • Ensuring that parents are fully informed on e-safety issues by including them in discussions as part of parents evenings or parental consultation groups

Will Gardner and Gareth Cort, of Childnet International, provided the group with an update and overview on current e-safety research, policy and practice. Will, CEO of Childnet, shared with us some of the latest research around young people’s use of technology and the internet, for example the Top Ten rights and responsibilities secondary school charter – created from young people’s responses to the ‘Have your say’ Survey. This was followed by a review of some of the resources available to schools and parents from Childnet and other organisations, such as the South West Grid for Learning.

You can download the briefing document Childnet created for the session, which includes links to all of the research and resources covered, here:

DigiLit Leicester Childnet e-Safety Briefing November 2013

Safer Internet Day 2014 is on the 11 February, this year’s theme is ‘Let’s create a better Internet together’.

The theme “offers the opportunity to focus on both the creative things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role and responsibility that all stakeholders have in helping to create a better internet.”

Attendees looked at how they could involve their learners and schools in Safer Internet Day 2014. In the final part of the session, they worked on projects and activity ideas, particularly looking at how learners could be involved in the design, development and delivery. The BSF ICT team will be running a competition open to all BSF school staff this year, supporting schools in engaging with Safer Internet Day and in promoting their creative and effective e-safety work.

Further Resources

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