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Here in the ICT Strategy team, we’re always looking for interesting resources that we can share with staff across the City. This month, we’ve focused on resources to support Geography teaching and learning.

Geocaching and Education
Geocaching is a treasure hunt style game using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. This site offers a range of resources and information for educators on how they can use Geocaching in their teaching practice.

If It Were My Home
This online tool allows users to compare statistics about life in other countries, such as life expectancy and income. A more recent feature, which is still being developed, allows you to look at how global disasters could have affected your own home.

BBC Dimensions
Ever wondered how big the Pyramids of Giza really are? Or Mount Vesuvius? With ‘How Big Really?’ from the BBC – you can superimpose famous landmarks and events over any place on Earth.

Test out nuclear war heads on any location on Earth – this tool details the different zones of affect and could be a great discussion starter.

From Twitter to Tablets: my best lessons using technology
David Rodgers, a curriculum leader for Geography, reflects on some of his most successful adventures in using technology to support teaching and learning.

Test your skills in this location game. In Google street view, with only the ability to move around, can you work out where in the world you are?

Create your own GeoGuessr challenges.

Traveller IQ Challenge
This fast-paced geography quiz, tests your knowledge of famous places and landmarks – the faster you answer, the more points you score.

Mystery Skype
Skype with other learners from around the world and share clues to work out where in the world they are from. This blog post, written by a teacher in Western Australia, details how they have used Mystery Skype in the classroom.

The game itself is still fairly limited – but what is interesting about this tool is that you can create your own quizzes – helping you to create your own classroom tests. This also has great potential for peer assessment!

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