BSF Work Placements

Here at Leicester BSF it’s not just about the new school buildings that we are putting into place, but about making the most of opportunities for learners all across the city. This includes looking at how the BSF Programme team can support learning experiences within our BSF schools.

The BSF ICT team took part in Take Over Leicester Day last year – we had a great time hosting Rizwana, Prashant, and Abdibased, who collaboratively researched Open Badges and produced this blog post for us.

Leicester BSF Team members have recently been supporting BTEC level 2 students in Business from The City of Leicester College, providing opportunities for students to gain real experience of working in an office environment. The ICT Team have been working with Hamzah Bahadur, and are looking forward to welcoming Sawal Meah in the near future.

Working with Leicester City Council’s BSF team gives learners first hand experience of the work the team takes responsibility for, an opportunity to contribute to the BSF Programme, and to develop their skills. Placements have been organised in a number of core areas within the team: Sustainability, Arts and Culture, project management, administration and ICT. Two work placement cycles have been created for each area and will run consecutively, with young people spending a day a week with us for 6 weeks.

We started Hamzah’s placement by talking to him about the kinds of work the team carry out and lead on for the Programme, and introducing him to the wide and varied world of Educational Technology! We talked to him about how the placement could best support the skills he most wanted to develop and demonstrate, and looked at approaches that supported his interests and coursework.  He elected to explore some of the different technologies for supporting physical education (PE). In particular, he will be investigating sports reporting and the use of games consoles, with a view to providing useful information to schools on these topics.

In his final week, Hamzah will be compiling a blog post summarising his research and providing some recommendations for how the above schemes and technologies could be used to support teaching and learning in PE – so watch this space!

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