Safer Internet Day 2013

The Leicester City BSF Programme actively promotes and supports the expansion of technology to support learning, teaching and whole community development in our schools. E-Safety and cyber bullying is one of the Council’s technology priority areas for both staff and learners. Many of us spend a significant amount of time using mobile phones and the internet, to connect to our friends and family, for formal and informal learning, for professional development, to shop and to access services. We need to know how to use technology responsibly, and how to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

The basic components of safeguarding as they relate to technology are:

Prevention – which typically includes education and discussion, filtering and monitoring, User Acceptance Policies, and related behaviour policies and messages.

Responding to incidents – which includes ensuring incident reporting is well supported, and having a clear understanding of incident investigation and management, securing evidence, external reporting work, and knowledge of appropriate and constant sanctions.

The success of both of these elements is dependent on a clear, shared understanding amongst staff and learners about what e-safety and cyber bullying is, and why they are the responsibility of every member of the school community.

Ofsted e-Safety Guidelines

Ofsted recently issued new guidelines regarding how schools approach e-Safety. You can find an overview of the guidelines here:
The Guardian: The new Ofsted e-safety framework: is your school ready? September 2012
You can also find the Ofsted briefing notes for inspectors that relate to e-Safety attached to this post.

We know that Leicester City schools are very active in ensuring the safety of their pupils and staff, and in promoting the positive use of technologies in and out of school, across the whole year.

Many schools in the City and across the European Union will currently be gearing up to celebrate the 10th annual Safer Internet Day. Taking place on the 5th of February 2013, this year’s theme is “Connect with respect!” focusing on online rights and responsibilities – so lots of opportunities for Student Councils and Citizenship subject teachers, as well as for whole school initiatives relating to the use of technology.

Safer Internet Day 2013

Safer Internet Day School Packs are now live on the UK Safer Internet Centre website at

There are primary and secondary school packs, consisting of 5 quick classroom activities, one fully supported lesson plan with curriculum links and staff guidance, and a poster to start discussion and promote Safer Internet Day. These packs provide lots of great ideas to encourage schools to get involved with Safer Internet Day 2013.

Safer Internet Day 2013: Show your support

As in the past two years, partners from across the UK can join the Safer Internet Day Supporters list so that all the fantastic work and great activities that are taking place across the UK can be shared. Last year over 180 organisations joined – including individual schools, as you can see from the 2012 supporters list:

To join the 2013 list, school’s need to  provide 140 characters of text about their Safer Internet Day activity plans and upload their logo at

Safer Internet Centre Helpline

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