Learner Voice in Leicester City: Learning Technology Priorities

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Leicester City Council’s Youth Engagement Project was a year-long innovative programme of research which involved 400 young people (11-19). You can download the full report here (PDF) (Word).

The Youth Engagement Project was designed to ensure that the voice, opinions and views of young people are included in the development of Leicester City Council’s Building Schools for the Future Programme.

The Youth Engagement Project focussed on identifying young people’s priorities as they relate to the school environment. Young people’s top 10 priorities for the school environment are:

1.  More indoor social spaces
2.  Better designed library spaces
3.  Comfortable chairs
4.  Well-designed interiors – especially use of colour
5.  More vegetable patches/allotments
6.  Sustainable features – including use of biofuels and recycling programmes
7.  Nicer toilets
8.  Larger dining room spaces –flexible seating arrangements and more food choice
9.  Flexible classroom spaces
10.  Greater variety in teaching methods

The full report (PDF) (Word) lists and expands on Young People’s top 15 priorities for the school environment.

Learners were also asked to think about their priorities as they related to technology.

Young people in Leicester’s top 10 learning technology priorities are:

1.  Faster computers
2.  More creative uses of technology for learning
3.  More student centred and student led use of technology
4.  More flexible use/internet access – in schools, the city centre, and in local communities
5.  Laptop borrowing schemes for home use
6.  More collaboration with young people in other schools and countries
7.  Access to local and national decision makers via social media and social networking sites
8.  ‘Young people only’ space in the city centre with computers and internet access
9.  Teachers who can help them use social media and social networking services and sites more effectively
10.  A say in school filtering and blocking policies

Our young people are passionate and positive about their education, about their communities, and about making a difference. This report will help ensure that the Council, school leaders, teachers, Governors, parents and the whole school community know what young peoples’ priorities are so that we can work together – continuing the conversation, and developing and implementing ideas where possible.

Learner Voice in Leicester City: Learning Technology Priorities – full report in PDF format
Learner Voice in Leicester City: Learning Technology Priorities – full report in Word format

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UK-based Social and Educational Technologist, currently working for Leicester City Council (Local Government) as ICT Strategy Lead (Children's Capital). I support schools across the city in making effective and innovative use of technology to support learning, teaching and whole school development.
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